Gingerbread demolition


A smashing good Christmas event for a great cause. 



No, you will not need to eat gingerbread off the floor.


What exactly will we be smashing?

There will be a large, purpose-built gingerbread house which is destined for demolition. It will be entirely edible, and the creators will only cry a little bit when the first hole is made in the roof. 

Don't worry, it's not a free-for-all. There will be other gingerlicious creations available for you to admire on the night, and to win at auction.

Do I need to bring my own smashing implement?

No, we will provide a range of smashing implements, including a rolling pin, hammer and wok for the purposes of demolition. All of these will be new and clean, so you don't need to worry about someone pulling out a rusty crowbar from the back of their ute. 

Am I guaranteed to get a chance to smash?

Unfortunately no. As we will have a large number of party-goers, not everyone who attends the event will get the chance to smash. You can increase your chances by buying more raffle tickets on the night, with all proceeds going to Save The Children Australia

Is there a dress code?

No ball gowns or high-vis required. Just whatever makes you comfortable - but if you want to add a touch of the holiday spirit to your outfit, please go right ahead! 

Can I bring my kids?

Despite the juvenile nature of this event, the evening festivities are for adults only. We won't have any child care facilities, so best to get a sitter and make the most of your night!

What do you do with all the gingerbread? Will you be wasting food?

Excellent question. The answer is no. We are very conscious of our responsibilities, and encourage 'downwards smashing' so the gingerbread and lollies remain on the table. After the smashing has occurred, everyone will get the chance to pick up the pieces, and take home as much delicious gingerbread as they can carry. 

Can you tell me more about the charity?

Save the Children Australia is one of Australia's largest aid and developmental agencies dedicated to helping children, and they are not affiliated with any religion or political party. Their mission is to save lives in emergencies, to protect and support children in need, and to give a voice to children's rights. Read more about their excellent work in Australia and internationally

How much of the ticket price will go towards charity?

This is an entirely not-for-profit event, so the ticket price will go towards catering, entertainment and venue costs for the night - with a portion going towards the charity. 

Our goal is for 20% of every ticket sold to go to the cause, as well as 100% of the proceeds from the raffle tickets, silent and live auctions. 

On the night, fundraising will be supported by the fabulous mobile giving platform Shout for Good

This sounds amazing! How can I support this event?

Why thank you. We're on the lookout for promoters, volunteers on the night, and it goes without saying that the more sponsorship we can attract, the more money we can raise for charity. Here's some more information about joining the Demolition Crew.

I have a food allergy/intolerance. What do I do?

We'll do everything we can to accommodate you as long as we know in advance. Just let us know on the ticketing form.

I'm fundamentally anti-violence. Is it still OK for me to attend?

At the end of the day, this decision will come down to your love of giving, friends and chocolate freckles versus your distaste for violence. You're a unique snowflake, so we'll leave this ethical dilemma in your hands.